Travel Card Program

Wayne State University has contracted with JP Morgan Chase Bank for the administration of a Travel Credit Card program. The card may only be used for University travel and business hosting expenses. Only University employees are eligible to request a card. The internal application form must be completed, authorized by the appropriate department personnel and forwarded to the Disbursements Department for approval.  


New Travel Card Application Available! - March 2018 (PDF)

Travel Card Transitioning to Chip Technology (PDF)


Cardholder Application/Agreement Form - Updated March 2018! (PDF) Requires Adobe Acrobat Profesional

***If you receive a "Please Wait" error when you click on the above link, your browser settings are not compatibile with viewing a fillable PDF document.  You will need to click on the download icon near the top right corner of the error page to directly download the document to your PC for completion.***

Employee Payments Directly to JP Morgan

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3

Mail payment to the address below. Please
include account number on the check. **very important**

Set up Payment through cardholder's personal
financial institution
Quick Remit
Call in payment

Regular Mail

JPM Chase Remittance Address
JP Morgan
P.O. Box 4475
Carol Stream, IL 60197-4475

JPMorgan Chase supports payments through online
bill pay services. This option is available for
those cardholders who are individually billed and
who pay JPMC directly.
Call the number on the back of your card to set up a one time payment drawn from your bank account

Overnight Mail

JPM Chase Remittance Address 
JP Morgan
ATTN: Lockbox 4475
131 S Dearborn, 6th Floor
Chicago, IL 60603

Instead of writing and mailing a paper check,
cardholders can pay via their personal bank's online
or telephone bill paying functionality Cardholders
having Internet or telephone bill-paying privileges
at their personal bank can pay their JPMC
Commercial Card electronically.
Provide requested information for a one time payment. Take note of confirmation number


University Travel Card and Reimbursement 

How do I apply for the University Travel Card? Who is eligible for the card?

All University employees that travel regularly for the institution are eligible.  The internal application forms can be found on the Travel Website. There is no external application or credit check.

Does the University automatically pay the monthly Travel Card bill?

The University makes payments to JPMorgan Chase based on approved travel expense reports where the receipt has been presented and used as support for an expense.  The individual cardholder is responsible for ensuring that the report has been filed. Additionally, the cardholder is responsible for any other unreimbursed charges.

How often does the University make payments to the card company?

Payments to JPMorgan Chase are made every business day based on the approved expense reports.

What happens if the card incurs delinquent or penalty fees?

The individual cardholder is responsible for all charges posted to the account.  Therefore, it is critical that the individual ensure timely filing of expense reports and review of monthly statements.

Can I use the card for personal items while in travel status?

The card should not be used for personal expenses or for those expenses for which the traveler will not be seeking reimbursement.  One exception to this rule would be meal costs.  Because institutional policy utilizes a daily per diem, a meal cost may exceed the allowed rate.  In that case, the individual may use the Travel card but would be personally responsible for the amount over the allowed rate.