International Travel

Important WSU Traveler Information!

The CDC keeps regular information on its Travel Health Notices website, including

  • Warning Level 3 (Red): Avoid all non-essential travel
  • Alert Level 2 (Yellow): Practice enhanced precautions
  • Watch Level 1 (Green): Practice usual precautions

Also see the University website for additional information on Coronavirus - (COVID-19)

International Travel Questionnaires

This flowchart is designed to assist Wayne State University employees travelling internationally with considerations toward the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the US Export Control regulations. It is solely intended to provide guidance to those traveling internationally. Individual situations may be further evaluated.

If you are travelling to a Member Country of the European Union (EU), you will be directed to 4 pages of information concerning the GDPR, including your rights under the regulation.  If you're not travelling to a Member Country of the European Union, the Not Travelling to the EU button will take you directly to the export control section.  The export control portion will have from 1 to 6 pages, depending on your answers.  

I will be travelling domestically
 I will be travelling to the EU
 I am travelling internationally
but not travelling to the EU